Best Roomba models in 2019

A few decades ago, if someone told you that there’d be robotic vacuums to clean your home, you may have laughed at them.

But, it’s here!

And, it seems like they’re here to stay. Pet owners may be especially happy that these vacuums exist. If you’ve ever had a dog or cat, then you know what I’m talking about. They shed hair – a lot!

Having a vacuum that is able to clean your floors while you relax seems to be a great idea. But, these types of vacuums don’t come cheap at all. The Roomba models seem to be the most popular one on the market today. They’re not necessarily the cheapest, but they seem to do an exceptionally good job at vacuuming.

If you’re new to Roombas or you’re looking to upgrade the one you have, you may have realized that it’s not an easy task trying to decide which one to purchase. Why? All Roomba models have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Plus, many users will swear by the model that they currently own.

So, is there anything such as the best Roomba? Well, that’s why you’re reading this article, isn’t it? I’ve created a very in-depth comparison of some Roomba models on the market today. Hopefully, when you’re able to see all these Roomba models compared, you’ll figure out which one will best suit your circumstances.

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Still not sure which Roomba model to buy? Keep reading for a more detailed review.

1. The Roomba 650 – Best Budget Roomba

One of the older Roomba models on the market today, the 650 really does seem to lack some of the fantastic upgrades and updates that have been made to newer models. But, there are still many great features on this model. One of the best things about it is the price. Compared to the other models that will be mentioned in this article, you’ll find that it is the cheapest. Don’t get me wrong though. It doesn’t mean that it won’t clean your floors. It’s just that the newer models tend to do a better job.

So, why should you buy the Roomba 650? The price! If you’re on a strict budget and you really can’t afford to splurge on the 960 or the 980, then it’s ok to go ahead and purchase the 650. Remember, it should still do a great job at vacuuming your floors, and it should perform well on both hardwood and carpeted floors. It navigates around corners and throughout rooms quite well too, as it picks up a lot of pet hair plus other dirt and debris that may be laying around.

If you’re not a fan of rotating brushes, then you may not like the Roomba 650 very much. But, this particular rotating brush isn’t so bad- the brush roll is removable and there’s even a hair extractor. So, this should reduce the chances of items getting stuck in that area.

Now to answer the question you may have been asking- what should you expect when you purchase the Roomba 650? Here’s a rundown.

It’s a circular device that’s just under 4 inches in height. It comes with its own charging base, an extra filter and even an owner’s manual that can help you to navigate the device. The vacuum has an excellent dirt sensor and is able to clean both hardwood floors and carpets well. If you’d rather schedule the days and times that your Roomba operates, you’ll love the fact that you can schedule it to clean your home up to 7 times each week. It can suction everything- from small and light pet hair to larger and heavier debris. That’s one of the best features of the Roomba- amazing suction! Just be warned that some items may get stuck in the rotating brushes and you’ll have to clean those rotators.

As I said before, the Roomba 650 does a pretty good job at cleaning. The dirt sensors work very well, and it has a very good battery life. It’s able to fit under most types of furniture and appliances too. In addition to that, you should find that it’s easy to use and doesn’t require monitoring while in operation. This way, you can focus on other tasks while your house is being cleaned.

What we like?
  • It picks up very small and larger sized debris.
  • It’s small enough to clean areas that would be hard to clean with a regular vacuum.
  • You can schedule cleaning, so you won’t have to turn it on every time you need it.
What we don’t like?
  • Hair and other items may get stuck in the brush roll.
  • If too much debris builds up on the brush roll, the vacuum will lose some of its suctioning power.
  • The navigation of the Roomba needed a bit more work as it will clean the same area for a long while before moving on to another area.
With all this said, do I recommend the Roomba 650? Here’s the truth- I do have some reservations, but I would still recommend it. Would it be my ultimate choice for a Roomba robot vacuum? Absolutely not! But, if you have very little money to work with, go for it. If you have a bigger budget, there are better models that I’d recommend. Just keep reading to find out more about them!

2. The Roomba 690 – Best for Hard Floors

If your home is primarily hardwood flooring, then you need a vacuum that has good suction to keep it clean and free from debris. Remember, it’s a bit easy for wooden floors to get scratched. The Roomba 650 is a great way to protect those floors. With its powerful suction, it should pick up the smallest dirt and debris particles from your wooden floors.

But, there’s a little drawback. Like the 650, you may find that the Roomba 690 falls a bit short when it comes to the rotating brush. But, for this model, a few upgrades were made. As such, the 690 is basically a slightly upgraded version of the 650. The price has also been upgraded as it’s a bit more expensive too. One of the most noticeable upgrades in the 690 is the Wi-Fi connectivity. It enables you to schedule cleaning from just about anywhere once you use the iRobot HOME app. It’s even compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The battery for this Roomba model also received a slight upgrade since the 650. This time around, it’s a Lithium ion battery that’s used, which is a much longer lasting battery. Not much changed with the design however, it has the same circular shape with the control buttons in the center of the device. The only slight difference with design is the addition of another color at the top of the vacuum. Instead of being fully black, it is a silver/grey color, and, of course, this doesn’t impact its function in any way.

So, how does it perform? Like all Roomba robotic vacuums, you’ll find that the 690 has very good suction. It has the ability to pick up small and light items on your floor as well as much heavier items. Remember though, it still has a rotating brush roll, so it needs a bit of maintenance as items stuck in it can reduce its suction power. Like most other Roomba models, the 690 is designed to auto charge if its battery is running low and it has a good navigation system whether it’s making its way to the charging base or it’s vacuuming your house.

When you purchase the iRobot Roomba 690, your package should include the vacuum, charging station, an extra filter, owner’s manual and a cleaning tool. Plus, there’s a standard warranty given by the manufacturer. Through the iRobot HOME app that you can install on your mobile phone, you’ll have the option of controlling the device even when you’re far away. So, you can come home to a fully clean house after a long day of work.

What we like?
  • It has very good suction, so it can pick up the smallest and lightest debris on your floors.
  • The edge sweeping brush helps it to clean along walls very nicely.
  • You can don’t have to be physically present to control the vacuum so it’s more convenient to use.
  • It’s low enough to access many hard-to-reach areas such as under furniture and appliances.
  • The cleaning head can adjust automatically as it detects carpeted areas or bare floors.
  • After cleaning, it will find its way back to the docking station to be charged.
What we don’t like?
  • You’ll have to spend some time cleaning the rotating brush roll periodically to prevent a build-up of dirt and debris. (Build up can reduce the suction of the device.
Now on to the question that you’ve been waiting for. Do I recommend it? I strongly believe that the hassle of cleaning a rotating brush can be avoided. As a result, I’d only recommend the Roomba 690 if you’re on a tight budget and you can’t afford to purchase a more expensive model. One thing’s for sure though- it’ll get the job done! That’s one thing iRobot seems to have perfected- their vacuums seem to clean quite well.

3. The Roomba 890 – Best Value Overall

The Roomba 890 is where you start stepping into the big leagues. And, it has a very hefty price tag to match. But it does offer many superior features that you won’t find in more basic models.
Perhaps one of the best things about this Roomba model is the fact that is basically maintenance free. There’s no annoying and messy rotating brush roll to contend with, so all you’ll need to do is empty the bin when it gets full. One of the many upgrades that you may notice on this model is the bin alert. As soon as the bin is full, it will alert you.

Just as with many new Roomba vacuums, you can control the 890 with your smartphone via the app or other Wi-Fi connected devices. The battery life on this Roomba is amazing too. It has twice the battery life of many prior models. It uses Lithium batteries which should be included in your package upon purchase. The suction has more power than many basic models too. So, you should enjoy a superior vacuuming experience with this product. And, it isn’t at the top of the price list. This is why I What we don’t like?ider it to be the best value overall.

Just like most other Roombas, the 890 picks up the smallest debris from hardwood floor as well as carpets. In fact, it works well on tiled floors and many other types of flooring. Additionally, there’s a side brush that you can use with it that helps it to reach dirt that is trapped in corners and on the sides of walls.

The navigation of the 890 is very amazing in every way. It’s able to navigate around many shapes and objects that are on the floor. Yet, it detects dirt like a champ and will even vacuum an area more than once if it detects a high quantity of dirt in that particular area. Another sensor that they’ve included in this model is the cliff sensor. This is especially helpful if you live in a multi-level home. The cliff sensor is designed to prevent the vacuum from falling off stairs or from going over edges that have a very steep incline or drop off.

What we like?
  • You don’t have to worry about the vacuum falling down the stairs as it will avoid those areas.
  • Instead of checking the bin to see when it’s full, you can just rely on the alerts from the vacuum. This is a more convenient option.
  • You can check on the cleaning status of the vacuum from the app or device that you have connected to it.
  • The brushes used do not need to be cleaned as hair and other debris should not get tangled in it.
  • It returns to its docking station for recharging on its own once the battery is low.
  • The edge sweeping brush enables it to sweep corners and edges very well.
  • It has a very good battery life.
What we don’t like?
  • It doesn’t have room learning technology, so it will not memorize areas in your room that tends to have higher dirt levels.
Would I recommend it? Absolutely! In fact, if you have a small budget, it may be a good idea to stretch it a bit so you’ll be able to afford this model. Sure, there are still a few models that work even better than this one, but the Roomba 890 surely offers excellent vacuuming for a reasonable price.

4. The Roomba 960 – Best for All Floor Types

If you have no budget restraints and you’re looking to find the ultimate Roomba vacuum, then this is where you should be looking- the 900 series. The Roomba 960 has some of the most advanced robotic vacuum technologies. From its cliff sensors to its location tracking, this vacuum is excellently designed. The basic shape and design of this model is not extremely different from the more basic 650. The buttons used to operate the device are still located on the top and the bin is accessed in the same manner. But, there are a few noticeable differences.

I What we don’t like?ider the Roomba 960 to be the best model for all floor types because of its suction power. It can deliver 5 times the air power and suction of many other Roomba models and, to top it off, it doesn’t need as much maintenance. One of the best features that you may find useful on this device is its ability to navigate and clean an entire level of your home. Although other models are able to do this too, the technology in the Roomba 960 is far more advanced and makes the process much smoother and easier. And, you can check up on the cleaning status of the vacuum even when you’re miles away. It’s compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and there’s even an iRobot app that you can use.

There are no noticeable glitches or technical issues when it comes to how the Roomba 960 operates. It’s designed to vacuum for up to 75 minutes, uninterruptedly, and then return to the charging base for recharging. The rotating brush is tangle-free too, so hairs and other similar debris won’t get stuck in it while it’s running. It’s even able to return to the base for charging then continue vacuuming where it had stopped.

Another feature that it has that you won’t find in just any other Roomba vacuum is its visual sensors. These sensors help it locate furniture and walls in a room. This way, it will store an internal map of your house that enhances the cleaning process every time it’s used. With visual mapping, your Roomba 960 is able to vacuum in straight lines. This is a feature that older models really lacked. It promotes more uniform vacuuming and prevents the vacuum from running over an area several times when it’s not needed.

What we like?
  • It does not require much maintenance as hair and other items won’t get tangled in it.
  • You don’t have to restart it after it goes to the dock for charging as it will automatically resume the cleaning process.
  • The vacuum can remember the layout of your rooms to enhance the cleaning process.
  • There are several ways that you can control it without being physically present and you can check on its cleaning status even while you’re away.
  • It tells you when the bin is full, so you don’t have to speculate.
  • You can retrieve a variety of data from it such as the time it operates for, the number of times it’s been used and much more.
  • It’s simple and easy to use.
  • It doesn’t miss as many spots as older models.
What we don’t like?
  • Some users think it’s a bit noisy while it’s running.
  • Although it’s easy and inexpensive to maintain, it’s expensive to purchase.
After reading about all these amazing features of the Roomba 960, it’s a bit rhetorical to ask if I would recommend it. Of course, I would. Yes, it’s a bit expensive. But, you can use it on all floor types and benefit from amazing suction regardless of where it’s used. On the other hand, there is still another Roomba vacuum that may just outdo this one when it comes to overall performance.

5. The Roomba 980 – Best Roomba for Pet Hair

If you think the Roomba 960 is phenomenal, it means you’re not familiar with the 980. If we’re to compare the Roomba 960 vs 980, then we’d see a big difference in their performance. The 980 is especially optimized for pet hair removal. Since pet hair is so small and light, you know that the suction power is beyond impressive. In fact, unlike other Roombas that boast a five times air power, this model has double that. Yes, all of 10! I What we don’t like?ider the best ultimate robot vacuum. Sounds a bit redundant? Well, that’s how great this Roomba works.

Even though it’s such a powerful device, iRobot has kept the basic shape and design of their vacuums pretty What we don’t like?tant. At first glance, you may even mistake it for another vacuum. But, once it gets to work, you’ll soon realize that it has a whole lot more to offer. As an upgrade to the 960, the Roomba 980 has a much better battery life. It runs for 120 minutes instead of 75 before it heads back to the docking station. The motor is improved too, hence the improved suction.

And, for those houses filled with carpets, the Roomba 980 has you covered. It has a carpet boost sensor that detects the presence of carpets, no matter how thin or thick. When it detects carpet, the vacuum will actually increase its suction power to get rid of all those hard-to-reach dirt and debris that’s embedded in your carpet. Isn’t that great?

When it comes to performance, there’s no complaining about the Roomba 980. To date, it’s What we don’t like?idered the best vacuum that iRobot has on the market. It includes many features found in lesser models and several beautiful upgrades. But, as you may expect, it is the most expensive vacuum of all Roomba models. It’s so costly that it can cost as much as 10 times more than the basic 650.

What we like?
  • It can run for up to 2 hours when it is fully charged.
  • You can use it to clean an entire level in your house.
  • It can vacuum in straight lines for a more effective and efficient vacuum.
  • You can control it by the app or other software via Wi-Fi.
  • It will recharge and resume cleaning all on its own.
  • It has the most powerful suction of all the Roomba models.
  • You don’t have to do much as it regards maintenance and it will even alert you when the bin is full.
What we don’t like?
  • It is the most expensive Roomba robot vacuum.
  • It may still miss spots while vacuuming.
Is it really worth paying so much for this robot vacuum? Some people will say yes. I’m not so sure if I agree. If you really have no issues handing over a ton of money for a robotic vacuum, then, that’s obviously your choice. But, I think there are other models that still perform a very good job at cleaning and they don’t have such a hefty price tag. But again, the choice is yours.

Buyers guide

There are a lot of robot vacuums on the market today. Although iRobot is one of the most popular companies in this industry, there are others. So, if you’re interested in purchasing one of these devices, remember that your options aren’t limited to the Roomba models. With that said, it’s also important to note that Roomba makes some of the best robotic vacuums, so if you’re looking for quality, a Roomba is the way to go.

But, what should you take into What we don’t like?ideration when choosing your ultimate robot vacuum? Here are a few things to focus on.


If you have no monetary restraints, you can skip this option. But, wouldn’t it still be nice to know that you’re getting a good value for your money? For those of us who like to watch our pennies, it’s a good idea to set a budget. Be realistic though. Don’t expect to receive the best robot vacuum on the market for the least price. Unless you’ve caught a major sale, that’s highly unlikely.

The surface it will be used on

Some vacuums work better on bare floors, others work well on carpeted areas. If you have more than one floor type, then find a device that can work just as well on both. Feel free to refer back to the comparison table or the reviews above for a refresher on the type of floor that the Roomba vacuums work best on.

Run time

Just like your regular cordless vacuums, the robot vacuums won’t run forever without being charged or getting a battery replacement. So, check the specs to see how long the battery should last. Some vacuums may automatically return to their docking station to be recharged. Others may not. Just make sure you find options that are suitable for your liking.

How well it clean corners

Not every robot vacuum is able to handle corners well as many of them have a circular shape. However, there are some that have brushes that can get into the corners of your home. If you end up purchasing one that doesn’t get to the corners, that’s fine. It just means that you’ll have a bit of work to do when it’s done cleaning.


Robotic vacuums have evolved so much over the last few years. Nowadays, there are many sensors built into their system to help them clean better. There are visual sensors, cliff sensors and even dirt sensors. The more sensors that your robot vacuum has, the better it should be able to clean. You may not have to fork out big bucks to get a product with many of these sensors too. But, remember the Roomba seems to reign supreme in this area.

Suction power

This is possibly the most important feature that you should pay attention to. If your vacuum doesn’t have good suction, it may leave a lot of dirt and debris on the floor even after it has cleaned. If you have a pet, suction is even more important, as pet hair is extremely light and needs good suction to be removed from the floor. If your robot vacuum has good suction after you purchase it and you notice that the power has decreased, check the brush roll (if it has one). If it has a lot of debris stuck in it, that could be the source of your problem.

Additional features

There are many additional features to look for in a robot vacuum. The more you’re able to squeeze into your budget, the more convenient the device may end up being. For example, there are some robot vacuums that have Wi-Fi connectivity. It enables them to be controlled even when you’re far away. So, you could be at work and turn the vacuum on. Other features to look out for are speed cleaning, side sweepers, scheduling options etc.


Remember, the most expensive product may not always be the one that’s best for you. So, if you’re contemplating the Roomba 890 vs 980, stick to the one that’s closer to your budget. They both perform very well. If you’re having a hard time choosing between Roomba 690 vs 890, then the 890 seems to be a better option. But, make sure that you’ve thoroughly inspected the What we like? and What we don’t like? of each product.

If you’ve been interested in purchasing a Roomba robotic vacuum, I hope this article has been very informative and helpful. Remember that there’s also a Roomba comparison chart that you can look at to compare the products a bit easier.

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