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Price History Chart

Roomba 675 Roomba 690
Main Features
Navigation Smart Navigation Smart Navigation
Cleaning Modes Auto, spot cleaning Auto, spot cleaning
Suction Power 600 Pa 600 Pa
Dustbin Capacity 350 ml 600 ml
Automatic Dirt Disposal Yes No
Noise Level 62 db 68 db
Wi-Fi Support Yes Yes
Multi-Room Cleaning No No
Full Bin Indicator No No
Virtual Walls No Yes
Dirt Detect Technology Yes Yes
Run Time 90 min 90 min
Сleaning Area 1615 ft2 / 150 m2 1292 ft2 / 120 m2
Wet Mopping Yes No
Carpet cleaning Yes Yes
HEPA Filter Yes Yes
Brushes Dual Multi-Surface Brushes Dual Multi-Surface Brushes
Best for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors
Battery Capacity 1800 mAh 2130 mAh
Run time 90 min 90 min
Charging Time 180 min 120 min
App & Control Features
Remote Control No No
Smartphone App Yes Yes
Support Alexa Yes Yes
Support Google Assistant Yes Yes
Support Scheduling Yes Yes
Other Features
Weight 6.77 pounds 7.8 pounds
Size 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.5 inches 13 x 13 x 3.6 inches
In the box
  • charging base,
  • adapter,
  • owner’s guide,
  • documentation package
  • Home Base Charging Station,
  • North American Line Cord,
  • Extra Filter,
  • Virtual Wall,
  • Owner’s Guide,
  • Documentation Package
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The American iRobot company has been engaged in the production of robotics for domestic and industrial use for more than two decades.

Over the years, they have constructed several generations of Roomba vacuum cleaners – the 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 series, as well as a couple of the latest 2019 devices.

The models that we`re going to examine today belong to the vacuum cleaners of the 600 series.

Although the Roomba 690 and 675 were released a long time ago and more advanced items have been on sale since then, they are still very popular due to their low price and good performance.

Roomba 690

iRobot Roomba 690 was released a long time ago, but it still has a simple appearance and nice functionality.

Externally, the robot is made in the form of a black circle with a silver insert. The body is made of plastic, on the front side of the robot, there is a control panel with three mechanical buttons.

Below you can see a side brush with three rays to collect garbage along the walls and in the corners, a pair of central bristles, a 600 ml dust collector and a suction port. Such a garbage collection technology is called a three-stage system and guarantees high-quality cleaning.

690 also has the Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head that automatically adapts its height for better contact with the surface.

The suction power (600 Pa) of this robot is enough for cleaning hard floors and low pile carpets, but it shows rather insufficient results on thick soft carpets.

The collected garbage enters the dust collector, and air passes through the filter. Unfortunately, the 690 doesn`t have a very powerful HEPA filter, uses the weaker model called AeroVac filter, which is typical for many models of the 500 and 600 series. It keeps about 85% of particles.

The robot itself has good dimensions for greater maneuverability: its weight is 7.8 pounds, width is 13 inches, height is 3.7 inches.

The robot vacuum cleaner has 2 operating modes:

  • Automatic – cleaning along the selected route of the entire area of the room;
  • Local – thorough cleaning of a specific area.

The vacuum chooses the route of movement independently and can move in a spiral (used for local cleaning), along walls (to bypass obstacles) or randomly.

There is also a special Dirt Detection function – determining the most contaminated sites. In this case, the pollution sensor gives a signal and the cleaner vacuums the chosen place more carefully. You can also focus the robot on a specific area using a virtual wall that limits the area of movement of the cleaner.

The robot navigates in space using an infrared sensor, which surveys the surrounding space, recognizes the location of the docking station and the virtual wall. It also has cliff detect sensors on the bottom of the case that prevent falling from elevations. The anti-tangling technology allows the machine to get out of difficult places and prevents tangling in wires.

It should be noted that the 690 robot can be controlled through buttons on the bumper and the phone app. You need to download a special application, connect to a Wi-Fi network and synchronize the robot with a smartphone. This model also supports voice control using Google and Alexa.

A 2130 mAh Li-ion battery provides 1 hour of operation without recharging. The charging time is 180 minutes.

Roomba 690 is designed for daily dry cleaning of small rooms of about 50 sq.m with any type of hard floors and low pile coatings.

The vacuum cleaner is perfect for pet owners since it copes with hair without any problems.
However, it won`t be the best option for allergy sufferers and owners of large houses. In general, this model is simple but reliable.

iRobot Roomba 690 has both advantages and a number of shortcomings.

The pros of the robot are:
  • compact dimensions
  • three-stage cleaning system
  • good collection of hair and fur
  • Dirt Detect function
  • virtual wall
  • nice navigation system
  • Wi-Fi and voice assistants
  • affordable price
The cons of the robot are:
  • insufficient suction for thick carpets
  • weak filter
  • small dustbin
  • weak battery and therefore a small cleaning area
  • noisy work

Roomba 675

Alike 690, Roomba 675 also belongs to the 600 series. So it has some common features. The robot has a round shape.

The case is made of black plastic and has a protective bumper against scratches and damages of both furniture and the device itself.

The dimensions are: height is 3.7 inches, width is 13 inches, weight is 6.77 pounds.

iRobot Roomba 675 has a patented three-stage cleaning system that is presented in three levels. The side paddle brush cleans the floor along the baseboards and in the corners, parts of the dual multi-surface central brush rotate in opposite directions and put the garbage into the bin. Then the vacuum cleaner sucks in the remaining dirt.

675 is equipped with the Auto-Adjust adaptive head, thanks to which it collects more garbage. The volume of the dust bag is 300 ml. Dust and small particles flying in the air are trapped by the AeroVac filter. The maximum suction power on this model is 600 Pa, which is enough for hard floors and low pile carpets.

The robot starts with the “Clean” button on the device body or in the application. Users can also control the device through Google and Alexa voice assistants. One can form a cleaning route, week schedule, track the location of the robot, etc.

Home navigation comes with infrared sensors and iAdapt 1.0 technology. Robot determines its location and position of obstacles on the way. If it gets stuck, Roomba activates reverse brush rotation. The main types of movement are spiral and along the walls.

Differences in altitude and the most contaminated areas will also be in sight of the device thanks to height sensors and Dirt Detect technology.

Roomba 675 forms a cleaning route and sequentially performs it, trying not to miss a single section. If you need to clean only a specific place, you can enable local mode or set virtual walls.

The vacuum cleaner is able to clean 80 square meters in 90 minutes without additional recharging. After discharging the 1800 mAh battery, the robot returns to the station, charges for 2-3 hours, and then continues to work.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, but high-quality robot vacuum cleaner, then this model is quite suitable. The robot will cope with cleaning an apartment or a small house, fresh the air. It is not very suitable for pet owners, as it does poorly with hair cleaning, but otherwise, the robot is simply wonderful.
The pros of the robot are:
  • compact dimensions
  • three-stage cleaning system
  • Dirt Detect function
  • Auto-Adjust Head
  • virtual wall
  • iAdapt 1.0 navigation
  • Wi-Fi and voice assistants
  • better battery capacity
  • cleaning of greater area
  • affordable price
The cons of the robot are:
  • difficulties with hair vacuuming
  • insufficient suction for thick carpets
  • weak filter
  • small dustbin
  • noisy work

Differences between Roomba 690 and Roomba 675

In many ways, the robots are very similar. They have the same design, dimensions, suction power, a set of brushes, filters, operating modes, virtual walls, the navigation system, voice control.

  • However, our comparative review revealed some differences. Even though the height and width of the models are the same, the 675 robot is a bit lighter. It also works 30 minutes longer and can clean larger area. If you compare the noise level, the 675 is a little quieter than the 690 (58 dB compared to 65 dB).
  • The difference also lies in the volume of dust collectors. Roomba 690 has a twice larger container, which is certainly a plus in its favor. According to user reviews, the 690 also copes much better with animal hair.
  • In terms of price, it’s more profitable to buy the 675 model. It will cost you $250-300. To purchase Roomba 690 you`ll have to spend about $350.

Which one to choose?

When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, please, be guided by the requirements that you make to the device and the fulfillment of which is really necessary in your case.
  • So, if you have a large apartment or a multi-story private house, then unfortunately none of these models will suit you. You also shouldn`t choose 690 or 675, if you are allergic and you need to clean the floor as well as the air.
  • However, if you have a small dwelling, good health, and an average budget, then our robots will be the right investment. Roomba 675 is suitable for those who want some peace, as it works longer and quieter. It will also cost you $100 less than 690.
  • If you have a pet and a slightly large amount to buy a robot, get Roomba 690. Otherwise, both devices are very similar. They are not crammed with newfangled technologies, but they do work quickly and efficiently. We don’t ask for more, do we?

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