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Roomba E5 Roomba E6
Main Features
Navigation iAdapt iAdapt
Cleaning Modes Auto, spot cleaning Auto, spot cleaning
Suction Power 900 Pa 900 Pa
Dustbin Capacity 600 ml 600 ml
Automatic Dirt Disposal Yes Yes
Noise Level 65 db 65 db
Wi-Fi Support Yes Yes
Multi-Room Cleaning No No
Full Bin Indicator Yes Yes
Virtual Walls Yes Yes
Dirt Detect Technology Yes Yes
Run Time 90 minutes 90 min
Сleaning Area 1615 ft2 / 150 m2 1615 ft2 / 150 m2
Wet Mopping No No
Carpet cleaning Yes Yes
HEPA Filter Yes Yes
Brushes Unique Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes
Best for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors
Battery Capacity 1800 mAh 1800 mAh
Run time 90 minutes 90 minutes
Charging Time 180 minutes 180 minutes
App & Control Features
Remote Control No No
Smartphone App Yes Yes
Support Alexa Yes Yes
Support Google Assistant Yes Yes
Support Scheduling Yes Yes
Other Features
Weight 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.6 inches 7.2 lbs
Size 7.23 pounds 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.6 inches
In the box
  • Roomba e5 Robot Vacuum,
  • Home Base Charging Station,
  • North American Line Cord,
  • Owner’s Guide,
  • Documentation Package
  • iRobot® Roomba® e6
  • Home Base® Charging Station
  • Line Cord
  • 2 Dual Mode Virtual Wall® Barrier
  • 1 Extra High-Efficiency Filter
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Today we will compare another pair of robot vacuum cleaners from the iRobot company – Roomba e5 and Roomba e6.

These models are not very widely known to the average user, but they have positive reviews and also attract customers with their affordable prices.

Roomba e5

Like every iRobot cleaning assistant, Roomba e5 has an almost perfectly round shape. The case is made of durable black plastic. It measures 13.3×3.6 inches and weighs 7.2 pounds.

The entire front panel is occupied by a dust container lid for collecting garbage and dust. In the center of the panel, there are three buttons: a large central one, which is responsible for starting and stopping the vacuum cleaner, and two small ones that help you control the iRobot Roomba e5 during operation.

Along the side panel, the robot has a bumper that protects the device itself from accidental collisions and damage. This movable bumper is equipped with a set of infrared sensors.

The overview of the bottom of the device allowed us to see the central brush that collects debris, dust, and hair. To the right of the wheels, we have one side brush that cleans the corners and the surface along the baseboards. At the back of the case, the robot has a battery compartment.

The 1800 mAh battery gives 90 minutes of runtime and needs 180 minutes for recharging.

The iRobot Roomba e5 is designed for dry cleaning not only on smooth surfaces such as tiles, wooden floors, parquet or laminate. The appliance is capable of cleaning short pile carpets and collecting pet hair, although the suction power of 900 Pa isn`t sufficient for thick pile carpets.

High-quality cleaning is provided by a patented three-stage technology called AeroForce. It uses a side brush, central rollers and a dust collector with powerful suction.

The main brush unit consists of two silicone rollers that rotate towards each other and provide cleaning of any type of surface.

The 600 ml garbage container is completely sealed and equipped with a high-quality HEPA filter. Such a waste bin provides anti-allergenic cleaning.

The robot also has special built-in infrared and cliff sensors. With their help, it overcomes 2 cm elevations, detects stairs and avoids obstacles. iAdapt technology also allows the cleaner to identify obstacles in the way.

In addition to these navigation helpers, iRobot Roomba e5 uses Dirt Detect sensors to determine the most polluted area. The vacuum will clean such a place until all the garbage is removed. If you want to vacuum some special place, you can also activate the local cleaning mode.

The configuration includes one virtual wall (or beacon) that restricts the movement of the robot. This boundary marker works in two modes: prohibition of entry into another room and installation of a circular perimeter into which the robot vacuum cleaner cannot enter.

You can control iRobot Roomba e5 via Wi-Fi using a tablet or smartphone. The device has a special module installed inside the robot itself, through which the robot communicates wirelessly with a mobile device. You can both control the device and change its settings.

Also, you can independently set a cleaning schedule, track where the robot vacuum cleaner is at the moment and what level of charge it has. This vacuum cleaner can be integrated into the Smart Home system due to compatibility with voice assistants such as Google and Alexa.

  • In terms of dry cleaning, there aren`t many robots that can boast of such a high-quality result.
  • Despite the modest technical equipment and some disadvantages, the proposed Roomba e5 model is perfect for both daily cleaning and great clear-out.
  • Due to its capabilities, the device does its job efficiently and copes with 2-3 rooms at a time (about 60 square meters).
The pros of the robot are:
  • anti-entanglement silicone rollers
  • three-stage AeroForce cleaning
  • high suction
  • HEPA filter
  • iAdapt navigation
  • cliff sensors
  • Dirt Detect sensors
  • virtual wall
  • iRobot HOME app and voice control
  • powerful battery
The cons of the robot are:
  • small dustbin
  • no Carpet Boost and bad cleaning on high-piled carpets
  • navigation only through the sensors without mapping or vSLAM
  • no Recharge and Resume

Roomba e6

The appearance of the Roomba e6 is no different from any other iRobot vacuum cleaner – it is small, round and black.

On the top panel, there are three standard control buttons. The bottom of the robot is equipped with a side brush, two rubber rollers with special blades for trapping garbage, and a suction hole.

A vacuum cleaner sweeps all the dirt in the center, traps small and large debris with rollers and passes air through the HEPA filter.

You don`t have to worry about the safety of furniture: infrared sensors analyze the dwelling, and the device slows down before obstacles. A rubber bumper softens contact with interior elements.

Due to the size (13.4×3.6 inches) and weight (7.2 pounds), the robot can pass to inaccessible places.

To cope with significant accumulations of dirt, iRobot Roomba e6 is equipped with acoustic sensors and Dirt Detect mode. The vacuum cleaner will evaluate the quality of cleaning for the first pass, and if the result seems unsatisfactory, the vacuuming process will be repeated.

Thanks to the built-in cliff sensors, the gadget doesn`t fall from the stairs. And areas that shouldn`t be cleaned can be indicated in advance with a motion limiter. This limiter works both in the virtual wall mode and in circular mode when it forms a radius of about 60 centimeters around the device.

Cleaning is carried out in auto or local modes. The vacuum moves in a spiral, carefully cleaning each zone. A good clearance of the model gives it the opportunity to calmly overcome the sills between the rooms and climb the carpets.

Manufacturers claim that the suction power of this model is five times more powerful than the suction of the Roombas from the 600 series.

A vacuum cleaner service is simple: just empty the 600 ml dust bin after each cleaning. A 600 ml compartment is removed at the touch of a button, washed under running water and just as easily put back in.

You don`t have to charge the device manually – the robot itself finds a charging station and replenishes the battery in three hours. The runtime lasts for an hour and a half without recharging.

The iRobot HOME app allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control.

To connect them you`ll need a Wi-Fi network. After installation, you can control the robot vacuum cleaner without getting up from the couch. now it`s easy to set a cleaning schedule, monitor the battery level, start the cleaning process, and check the current location of the vacuum cleaner.

Roomba e6 can be controlled through the voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

  • The iRobot Roomba e6 is well thought out and user-friendly.
  • It faithfully performs the main task – dry cleaning.
  • The robot vacuum cleaner will save the floor from dust and small debris, collect dirt and hair from the carpet with a low pile.
  • The model is well suited for small rooms and everyday cleaning.
The pros of the robot are:
  • effective brush-rollers
  • high suction
  • HEPA filter
  • Dirt Detect function
  • infrared and cliff sensors
  • two dual mode virtual barriers
  • rinse dust bin
  • Wi-Fi and voice assistants
  • Powerful battery
The cons of the robot are:
  • small dustbin
  • weak navigation
  • can miss dirt and spots
  • weak result on thick pile carpets

Differences between Roomba e5 and Roomba e6

The technical characteristics of the two robots described above allow us to conclude that they are very similar and practically don`t differ from each other.

For example, both robots have the same size, a set of brushes, filters, sensors, control methods. They have the same 5X suction power, washable dust collectors, etc.

The only differences that we managed to identify are:

  • the lack of the iAdapt navigation system in the Roomba e6 model, which leads to worse orientation;
  • the e5 has only one smart limiter while the e6 kit includes two virtual walls;
  • user reviews allow us to conclude that Roomba e5 is a little better at cleaning the hair and pet fur.

Which one to choose?

So, if you were tormented by the question of which of the two vacuum cleaners to buy, then you can be calm – the choice between these two robots is absolutely equal.

Our participants are good, reliable and simple models for dry cleaning in small rooms with hard floors. They can`t boast of super-accurate navigation system, but they perfectly collect any rubbish (including the most complicated hair).

Roomba e5 and e6 have only minor differences in configuration.

Both the first and second vacuum cleaner will cost you about $ 400. Honestly, we consider this price a bit too high for robots with such functionality, since you can buy a model that offers a bit more features for the same money.

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